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Just for Cheese - Signature Pairings for Cheese

The Just for Cheese range are delicious sauces made with fruit, spices and nuts from all over the world, which have been especially designed as signature pairings for each category of cheese.

  • Raspberry with rose petals for fresh and tender cheeses

  • Peach and apricot with

goji berries and cardamom from Guatemala for soft ripened cheeses

  • Golden Apples with pistachios from Turkey and cinnamon from Sri Lanka for hard paste cheeses

  • Black figs with macadamia nuts and Jamaica allspice for blue cheese

  • Black grapes with Mallorcan sliced almonds for washed rind cheeses

These sauces enhance the sensual characteristics of cheese. The taste and smell are perfectly balanced in all of the Just for Cheese pairings.

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