Pizza Ingredients

TCC offer a complete range of ingredients, toppings and cheeses for the best and most authentic pizzas.  Our Pizza Flour, approved by the Neapolitan Veracious Pizza Association, is enriched with vital wheat germ from soft wheat.  This produces a soft, silky dough that is easy to work with and gives the final product a unique aroma and medium-long rising times.  We have a range of pizza ingredients which include Italian Authentic Pizza Sauce, vegetable and meat toppings and premium Irish and Continental cheeses. 

Sliced Salami




Tuna in Brine

Sliced Chorizo

Serrano Ham

Italian Ham

Parma Ham



Gourmet hotdogs



Monterey Jack

Grana Padano


Cherve Log Melusine

Fior di Latte Julienne

Fior di Latte Cubed

Italian Authentic Pizza Sauce

Peeled Plum Tomatoes Whole


Pineapple Pieces

Neapolitan Pizza Flour

Summerkiss Tomatoes

Variety of Olives

Roasted Peppers

Grilled Aubergine

Grilled Courgette

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