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Serving Suggestions

When selecting cheese for a cheeseboard there are a number of formats to use:

  • Three to five different cheeses from different categories – hard, soft or semi-soft, blue, speciality flavoured, goats and washed rind

  • Cheese from different countries – one cheese each from Ireland, England, France and Italy

  • Cheeses of the same type – eg three semi-soft

  • Cheeses of different milk types – cow’s milk cheese, sheep’s milk cheese and goat’s milk cheese

  • One single large wedge or a whole or half large wheel.

See our information leaflet on Preparing a Cheeseboard and our Cheeseboard Suggestions for further guidance and suggestions for your cheeseboard.

Cheese Platters

Cheese platters are served with the cheese cut into convenient portions which removes the need for knives and the uncertainty around cutting different cheese types.  They are a convenient and effective way to showcase cheese and its accompaniments. 

Try Some of Our Recipe Ideas

Cheese Scones


Nicholas Murphy 

Mitre Restaurant, Culloden Hotel & Spa

Burrata Cheese With Summer Berries, Honey, Balsamic and Cracked Black Pepper
Sheep's Cheese Fritter, Golden Marmalade Chutney & Beetroot Blush
Oatcake Cups with Lisheen Goats Cheese and Smoked Salmon
Gorgonzola, Guanciale & Pea Risotto
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